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Advanced Water S-100 awarded by BSB 2020 Germany

3rd prize Category Most Innovative Raw Material

ADWATIS is again in the limelight with its innovative ionized water technology for cosmetic and health products. We are proud to announce that we have been awarded the BSB Innovation 2020 - "3rd prize - Most innovative raw material category" . This is a new step forward for the international recognition of advanced water technology, which has already been awarded internationally in 2017/2018/2020 by cosmetics, pharmaceutical and packaging organizations.

"Advanced Water S-100 surprises many specialists as to its effectiveness, its harmlessness and its unique mode of action for skin and healthcare products" as underlined by G. Bouille, CEO of ADWATIS.

Derived from a patented Japanese medical technology and officially recognized for its beneficial properties for health in Japan and Korea , Advanced Water is widely used by dermatologists against many skin conditions as well as a therapeutic support in the treatment of various pathologies.

The objective of BSB is to promote the worldwide spread of up-to-date knowledges, with an alignment of the competition in the most objective, fair and independent way possible.#lifescience #water #ionized #advanced #alkaline #dermocosmetic #ionic #innovation

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